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  • archwire

    A wire engaged in orthodontic attachments, affixed to the crowns of two or more teeth and capable of causing or guiding tooth movement.

  • band (orthodontic)

    A thin metal ring, usually stainless steel, which serves to secure orthodontic attachments to a tooth. The band, with orthodontic attachments welded or soldered to it, is closely adapted to fit the contours of the tooth and then cemented into place.

  • bracket

    An orthodontic attachment that is secured to a tooth (either by bonding or banding) for the purpose of engaging an archwire. Brackets can be fabricated from metal, ceramic or plastic.

  • ceramic brackets

    Crystalline, alumina, tooth-shade or clear synthetic sapphire brackets that are aesthetically more attractive than conventional metal attachments.

  • elastics (rubber bands)

    Used to move teeth in prescribed direction (commonly connected to molar band and upper ball hook). Found in numerous colors for better appearance.

  • headgear

    Generic term for extraoral traction (attached around the back side of the head) for growth modification, tooth movement and anchorage.

  • Herbst appliance

    Fixed or removable appliance designed commonly for overbite problems and more.

  • retainer

    The passive treatment period following active orthodontic correction during which retaining appliances may be used.