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AcceleDent Aura

Tooth misalignments, also called malocclusions, affect many people. These orthodontic issues can manifest in a variety of ways. But, whatever your specific malocclusion, South Texas Orthodontics has the orthodontic treatment to not only correct the problem, but also achieve the optimal smile you desire.

Patients from Schertz, Tezel, Bulverde, or La Cantera, and many other surrounding communities entrust their malocclusion care to our practice. Our orthodontists combine high-quality treatment with compassionate care at every turn. We skillfully utilize the latest in orthodontic technologies, such as AcceleDent Aura, to make treatment faster and as efficient as possible.

What Is AcceleDent Aura?

Think of AcceleDent Aura as a boost to your orthodontic treatment, one that can work in coordination with the many types of braces offered at South Texas Orthodontics.

Here’s how it works. AcceleDent Aura is a handheld device that fits comfortably over your braces. The mouthpiece of the device sends vibrating pulses through your teeth. These vibrations are precisely calibrated to affect the ligaments holding the teeth in place, influencing them to move more readily into their new positions.

As a result, thanks to this FDA-approved device, patients can see alignment results even faster than with braces alone. In fact, AcceleDent Aura can reduce the time patients spend in braces by 38% to 50%.

Using AcceleDent Aura

This innovative, hands-free device is designed for patients to use in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. Each patient must closely follow the treatment schedule outlined by his or her orthodontist in order to achieve target alignment results. But do not worry; using AcceleDent Aura is quite easy and involves only a few steps:

  • The patient bites down on the mouthpiece.
  • The mouthpiece is kept in place for 20 minutes while treatment takes place.
  • The process is repeated according to the schedule personalized by your orthodontist.

The AcceleDent Aura mouthpiece is placed in a charger when not in use; this keeps it ready for your next treatment session. The charger also keeps a record of your treatment experience, which your orthodontist can use to help gauge your progress.

Smile Brighter, Faster

To learn more about AcceleDent Aura, or one of our other innovative services like Invisalign, feel free to contact us with your questions or to schedule an appointment. We’d love to help you smile brighter!