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After undergoing your orthodontic treatment at South Texas Orthodontics, you become the proud owner of a beautiful, more confident smile. However, just because you’ve had your braces taken off, or have finished another form of orthodontic treatment like Invisalign, that doesn’t mean the work is done. In order to preserve your new smile, it is necessary to move on to the retention phase of orthodontic treatment.

You & Your Retainer

Maintaining the results you achieved during the orthodontic treatment process is dependent on your use of retainers. Your orthodontist will create retainers that are custom made to fit your unique smile, and will provide you with personalized instructions for how to wear them. Your final orthodontic result depends on this phase, so follow through with the hard work you've put in so far by wearing your retainers as advised by your orthodontist.

Types of Retainers

In terms of types of retainer, our practice offers three main kinds:

Hawley Retainers

The Hawley retainer is one of the most common types of retainers. It is removable and made of a combination of metal wires and sturdy acrylic. This retainer is specially made from impressions of your teeth, so it fits snugly and comfortably against the roof of your mouth while the wire and acrylic framing your teeth keep them in perfect position.

Bonded Retainers

A bonded retainer is one of the best methods for keeping your teeth in their final position. A bonded retainer is permanently attached to the inside surface of your lower teeth with cement. For optimal health and hygiene, if you have a bonded retainer you need to be careful when biting down in order to prevent breaking the bonding material. Our orthodontists also advise that you practice proper brushing and flossing techniques to maintain your oral hygiene.

Essix Retainers

The Essix retainer is a clear, removable retainer that fits over the entire arch of your teeth. Benefits of the Essix retainer include:

  • No Metal Wires
  • Virtually Invisible
  • They’re Inexpensive
  • Easy to Wear
  • Can be Used for Other Treatments, Like Dental Bridges

Preserve Your Smile Today!

Through orthodontic treatment, you and your orthodontist work hard to get you a beautiful, straight smile. Safeguard that hard work and preserve your new smile by wearing your retainers (as prescribed by your orthodontist) once you get your braces off. It is the best way secure that your straight new smile lasts a lifetime.

For questions regarding retention, braces, Invisalign, or another aspect of orthodontic treatment, contact the team at South Texas Orthodontics today—proudly serving Schertz, San Antonio, TX, and other surrounding communities with their smile needs.