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Affordable Dental Payment Options

Often, people don’t seek the dental treatments they need because they think they will be unable to afford them. Good dental health is as important as good physical health, and the two are inextricably linked; you can’t have one without the other. If you need affordable quality dental care in the San Antonio area, then call our office and we can help you. Our affordable dental services are among the best in the area and our dentists are skilled and compassionate, so call us today to make an appointment or for more information.

Affordable Dental Payment Options

If you’ve been looking for affordable quality dental care, then you’ve found the right dental office. We have several payment options available and we’re sure one of our affordable dental plans will enable you to obtain the dental procedures that you need while still remaining within your budget. We believe that everyone should have good dental health, and that’s only possible when you have good oral hygiene. Therefore, we offer numerous dental payment options that enable our patients to maintain their oral health for the immediate future as well as for the long term. You can have a healthy smile and healthy teeth and gums no matter the limitations of your budget, so ask us about our variety of options to make your dentistry affordable. In addition to our numerous payment options and an affordable dentist, we offer a variety of dental discounts and special offers for new patients or patients who don’t have dental insurance or who need treatments that their insurance doesn’t cover. Read on to learn more about our affordable dental services.

Flexible Financing Arrangements

Many times, the first question we’re asked is “How much will my treatment cost?” We understand that finances play a significant role in your dental treatments, but we want you to have the healthiest mouth and the most beautiful smile that you can, so we have a variety of flexible financing plans that will make your procedures affordable. We also know that unexpected dental treatments may put a severe strain on your monthly budget, so we do our best to get you access to dental payment options. Most of our financing plans spread the cost of the procedures over several months so that they’ll fit within your budget. At our office, our dentist with payment options can make it easier than ever to get the care you need without breaking your budget. Call our San Antonio office for more details. If you’ve been searching and asking friends, “Where is there a dentist near me that takes payments?” It’s time to visit our office. Call our San Antonio office and schedule an appointment with an affordable dentist. Continue reading

Most Dental Insurance Accepted

If you have inexpensive dental insurance or low-cost dental insurance, they’re great ways to make your good dental health affordable, but plans vary widely in their coverage. The best source of information on your plan benefits is your plan provider. If you can’t get in touch with your provider or you need additional information, call our office and we can help you. We’ll also work with you to ensure that you receive the maximum benefits that your plan provides and we’ll file insurance claims on your behalf, if necessary. Continue reading

Special Offers

If you’re still searching for affordable dentistry, then call South Texas Orthodontics at today and we can help you. We often have special offers for new patients, patients without insurance and patients whose insurance doesn’t provide the coverage they need. Our new patient dental specials and our dental cleaning specials are just two of the ways we make our dental services affordable. Our office is dedicated to providing the best service possible to our dental patients. Our compassionate dentists are among the best in the area and we strive to maintain our excellent reputation within the local area. We’ll ensure that you have good dental health both now and in the future, so call our San Antonio office today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to speaking with you and working with you, so call us today. Learn more about our special offers and discounts


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